Introduction to Asset Management

Outsourced Multi-Asset Investment Solutions for Forward Thinking Firms

At Blackfinch Asset Management, our key aim is to help your clients achieve their financial objectives and for you to achieve your business goals. We do this by listening to your needs and providing what you asked us for: straightforward investment portfolios, with clear, understandable objectives.

We understand your client base varies, and you want access to a range of products which can adapt as your business needs evolve.

The range includes multi-asset fund structures, managed portfolios and a unique tailored offering that you can design yourself. So whatever stage your firm is at with your investment solutions, if you are looking for something unique to grow your business offering, we can help.

Our Solutions

Multi-Asset Unit Trusts

With 4 portfolio options available

Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)

With 5 portfolio options available

Tailored Portfolio Service (TPS)

Your own-brand range of managed portfolios

What Makes Us Different?

It’s important to us that the advisers we work with, own and control their client relationships:

  • Commitment to Advisers
  • Clear Investment Objectives
  • Partnership Approach

Regulatory Alignment

With regulation requiring you to provide a strong focus on client outcomes, having clarity around portfolio investment objectives is key. At Blackfinch Asset Management we embrace regulatory change and consistently build it into all of our products and solutions. We offer portfolios with your clients’ objectives in mind, and clear communications, leading to measurable and expected outcomes.

A Jargon-free Approach

Advisers often tell us objectives contained in phrases like ‘grow capital over time’ and ‘provide a balance between income and capital growth’ are unclear. They also tell us concepts like ‘outperformance of a benchmark’ often have little meaning for clients. Our clearly defined objectives mean that your clients will always understand what the portfolio is designed to do, delivering against the regulatory demands on your firm.

Inflation-linked Objectives

We offer some portfolios with the aim of combating inflation. Feedback from advisers and their clients tells us this is the metric investors understand most easily. Targeting returns that are clear and meaningful for your clients ensures that portfolios are grounded in the regulatory environment.


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