Multi-Asset Unit Trusts and Managed Portfolio Service

Straightforward investment portfolios, with clear, understandable objectives

Multi-Asset Unit Trusts

Our four multi-asset unit trusts can address clients’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns and have been awarded 4 Diamond Rating by Defaqto. They’re also structured to meet ongoing requirements for diversification. They include an Income fund with an income target of a net 3.5% p.a., and three funds with a minimum Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus total return target.

Managed Portfolio Service

The Managed Portfolio Service includes five portfolios to select from and has been awarded a 5 Diamond Defaqto rating. All contain investments actively managed by Blackfinch Investments Limited. These are global and diversified in nature through collective investment schemes. We ensure that all investments remain aligned with our ESG policy.

Our Portfolios and Funds

Our multi-asset portfolios are actively managed and globally diversified. They are available in either a unitised fund or Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) structure. All are aligned to Blackfinch’s ESG investment process. Inflation-linked return targets mean they’re easier for clients to understand. Our portfolios are only available through advisers and on third party platforms. In addition to the five MPS portfolios shown below, we also offer an "Income" option which is only available as a unitised fund.

MPS Portfolios.png

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Helpful reading

For help navigating whether multi-asset unit trusts or MPS would be better for your business, we have included a guide below which you can download alongside our adviser brochure.


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