Tailored Portfolio Service

Your own-brand range of diversified, managed funds, curated to meet your firms' needs

What is a Tailored Portfolio Service?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is growing demand in the marketplace for adviser firms to own more of their own investment proposition so they can tailor it to the values, beliefs, requirements and cultures of their client base. In our adviser research, you told us that this demand is being driven by firms seeking a greater level of ownership and control over important factors like cost and the degree of active versus passive investments in order to solve their biggest challenges when using off-the-shelf solutions.

For firms where a pre-defined Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) range doesn’t quite meet the needs of their clients, or they are looking to create a uniquely competitive offering, we work in partnership to provide a Tailored Portfolio Service (TPS). Our TPS is a service where you set the specifications and we provide the resources to deliver the strategy.


You set the strategy, we provide the resources



Your own brand range of portfolios

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Your strategy


Your risk profile

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Your client objectives


Your choice of panels

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Our resources for execution

What can I tailor to make it my own?

Our values of adapt, evolve and thrive enable us to work with firms no matter how advanced their thinking. Below we have included some suggestions for you and your team to think about, as a starting point only, and we encourage you to tell us all your ideas. We’ll work with you to build a solution that best suits the outcomes you and your clients want.

These are just some of the areas you may consider:

  • A range that maps perfectly to your chosen risk profiler
  • Your own ESG range based on your firm views
  • Input to the investment process
  • Cap the overall cost to the client
  • Portfolios linked to specific objectives such as Consumer Price Index (CPI), risk, ESG and volatility
  • Tailored asset allocation
  • An investment style that best reflects your clients’ requirements, including fully active, fully passive or a blend
  • Tailored range available consistently across the platforms you choose
  • Client friendly literature and communications
  • Bespoke content creation to fully enhance the client journey

How can a Tailored Portfolio Service help grow my business?

Business risk and indemnity cover
Juggling the complexity of offering
Cost and time constraints
Increasing regulatory pressure
Constantly keeping investment knowledge current