18th May 2020

2 minutes reading time

PRESS RELEASE: Blackfinch Expands Capabilities with Launch of Blackfinch Asset Management

New division builds on MPS track record, with more offerings and increased support for advisers

Blackfinch Group has launched Blackfinch Asset Management, offering adviser firms expanded capabilities and increased support. The new division will replace Blackfinch Wealth and house Blackfinch’s managed portfolio service (MPS), formerly known as the Blackfinch Wealth MPS. This is alongside further offerings to be announced shortly.

Blackfinch Asset Management will build on the strong track record established by Blackfinch Wealth in the outsourcing space. It launched its MPS in 2018, as a highly accessible service aligned with adviser processes and requirements, delivered via a partnership programme. It has since selectively partnered with over 35 adviser firms.

Blackfinch has appointed a new Head of Distribution, Jason Williams, who brings over a decade’s experience working consultatively with advisers. Backed by Blackfinch’s large and growing wider team, Jason will spearhead Blackfinch Asset Management’s growth plans, whilst remaining focused on helping investors achieve their financial aims and advisers achieve their business goals.

Offering the key differentiators of clear investment objectives, a strong commitment to advisers and a partnership approach, the team will be working closely with adviser firms. All-encompassing support is provided via an ongoing service tailored to each adviser firm. This covers everything from increasing revenue, profitability and efficiency to growing a firm’s brand, staff and client base.

Advisers can choose what areas they need to focus on in terms of strategic development. This is alongside benefiting from direct access to the portfolio managers and team and selecting from tools and options that can support their work with clients. These include templates for client letters and suitability documents, co-branded or white-labelled literature, joint events to aid business growth and client interaction and specialised support on tax-efficient investment products.

"  Blackfinch is a fully intermediated business with a national presence, and a number of established and growing relationships with some fantastic adviser firms. I am delighted with the growth of our MPS strategy to date. The re-branding to Blackfinch Asset Management is a part of our core objectives to provide strong asset management solutions to investors and work closely with advisers to enable them to achieve their own business aims and advise their clients. Richard Cook, Founder and CEO of Blackfinch Group

"  With Blackfinch Asset Management, we have developed a unique initiative to offer adviser firms much more than a managed investment solution, tailored to suit a wide range of business requirements. Whatever a firm needs to focus on, we are here to help in growing and sustaining adviser businesses. Jason Williams, Head of Distribution at Blackfinch